Website Review and analytics setup

Website Review and Recommendations

Welcome to our Affordable Website Recomendation and Analytics Setup services, where we transform your online presence into a powerhouse of insights. Our expert team specializes in setting up comprehensive website analytics and stats to empower your digital strategy. From Google Business Listing Setup and Google Search Submission to Web Stats & Analytic Setup, we cover all aspects to ensure a robust foundation for your online success. Our affordable services extend to Google AdWords Tracking Setup, ensuring your advertising efforts are measurable and effective. Additionally, we provide Facebook Ads Tracking Setup and Facebook Ads Pixel Setup, enhancing your social media presence with targeted and data-driven campaigns. Choose us for affordable website analytics solutions that not only optimize your online performance but also provide valuable insights to steer your digital growth. Elevate your digital strategy with our expertise, making us your trusted partner in affordable website review and analytics setup.



Google Business Listing Setup

Ensure your business gets noticed locally with our Google Business Listing Setup service. We optimize your business profile on Google, providing accurate information, attractive visuals, and key details to enhance your online visibility and credibility.

Google AdWords Tracking Setup

Maximize the impact of your online advertising with our Google AdWords Tracking Setup service. We implement tracking codes to monitor the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your advertising budget.

Google Search Submission

Boost your website's discoverability with our Google Search Submission service. We ensure that your website is promptly indexed by Google, allowing potential customers to find you easily when searching for relevant keywords or phrases.

Facebook Ads Tracking Setup

Elevate your social media advertising strategy with our Facebook Ads Tracking Setup service. We integrate tracking mechanisms to measure the success of your Facebook ad campaigns, helping you understand user interactions and refine your targeting for better results.

Web Stats & Analytic Setup

Gain valuable insights into your website's performance with our Web Stats & Analytic Setup service. We integrate powerful analytics tools to track visitor behavior, measure site engagement, and provide data-driven insights to enhance your online strategy.

Facebook Ads Pixel Setup

Enhance the precision of your Facebook advertising efforts with our Facebook Ads Pixel Setup service. We install the Facebook pixel on your website, enabling accurate tracking of user actions and providing valuable data for optimizing ad delivery, retargeting, and overall campaign performance.

Website Review and Recommendations Services Pricing

Welcome to our Affordable Website Review and Analytics Setup services, designed to empower your online presence with strategic insights. Our comprehensive package includes Google Business Listing Setup, Google Search Submission, Web Stats & Analytic Setup, Google AdWords Tracking Setup, Facebook Ads Tracking Setup, and Facebook Ads Pixel Setup—all at a budget-friendly cost. Optimize your local visibility, improve search engine indexing, and gain valuable data on user behavior with our tailored solutions. Our pricing ensures that you receive expert-level services without breaking the bank. Elevate your digital strategy, measure your advertising ROI, and refine your online presence—all at an affordable rate. Choose us as your trusted partner for cost-effective website review and analytics setup, and take your online success to new heights.


  • Google Business Listing Setup - £25
  • Google Search Submission - £25
  • Web Stats & Analytic Setup - £25
  • Google AdWords Tracking Setup - £25
  • FB ADs tracking Setup - £25
  • FB ADs Pixel Setup - £25

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